Keeping in pace with the fastest growing field in the world, company's dedicated and well trained team of developers provide complete Web Development Solutions with all the latest development tools. Our team of developers have specialized fields of expertise. Our goal is simple and that is to make your website so complete that your customer have fewer temptations to go anywhere else.


Domain Registration: will be registered at ICAN (internic).
We include only domain hosting charges according to your needs of plan.

The Plan is a good place for the Web novice to start out. With this plan you will receive 2MB-10MB of storage space,
and unlimited email accounts. The web based control panel allows you to manage your site at any time.
These following features are provided:
- Unlimited Data Transfer
- Anonymous FTP access and Telnet access.
- Page effect program: Java Applet and Flash.
- Own mailbox (e.g. you@your
- Front Page 2000/2001
- SSI (Server Side Include)
- SSL (Secure Server Layer)
- Dreamwaver software
- css (cascading style sheet)
- MS-SQL and mySQL
- Php / ASP
- Raw logs access
- Preconfigured cgi-scripts and many more...
Normal web design starting from 5000.00 (5 MB space)
Standard Design starting from 9000.00 (5 MB space)
Dynamic Design Depend on design (starting from 15 MB space)